Wyvern Theatre: At the Heart

In the heart of Swindon,  a 52-year old hub of dramatics and culture stands tall- much like the mythical Wyvern it was named after.

Having opened in September 1971 by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, the Wyvern Theatre offers an array of entertainment covering concerts, dramas, comedies, musicals, as well as local amateur productions. Designed so that each of the 635 seats are no further than 70ft from the stage, the Wyvern can boast various award wins including several ‘Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence’ honours.

In 2017, the Wyvern in Swindon arguably celebrated their most successful year in the awards genre, claiming both the ‘Muddy Stilettos Best Theatre in the South West’ award, as well as the ‘UK Theatre’s Most Welcoming Venue in the South West’, the latter supported strongly by reviews confirming the venue’s attentive service and staff.

The theatre is supported by local Swindonians, who show their care for the business by leaving positive, often raving, reviews about the fantastic displays of entertainment they have been witness to in the spot- with one particular Google review even boasting a ‘greater comfort than recent trips to Theatre Royal Bath or Bristol Hippodrome’.

With a range of events and shows available throughout the rest of the year, the Wyvern Theatre continues to contribute to the culture of Swindon, providing local Swindonians as well as those who travel further a ‘genuine welcome’, and a ‘great experience’.