Switch on to Swindon selects innovative tech-cluster company to deliver TechSwindon campaign

Swindon Borough Council on behalf of Business Ambassador Network ‘Switch on to Swindon’ has awarded the contract to deliver the TechSwindon campaign to TechSPARK.

Headed by Ben Shorrock TechSPARK has been creating waves in the digital and tech sector in Bristol and Bath for the last seven years and the SOTS steering group felt that this experience would be a huge benefit to the project.

TechSwindon is working with key business partners such as Intel Catalent and Zurich fast-growth companies like Appsbroker and innovative start-ups. The goal is to shape the campaign and host a series of events in the run up to a 2020 summit showcasing the very best of Swindon’s tech innovation.

“TechSPARK was awarded the contract as they have proven experience in this field and impressive industry knowledge so are well placed to help grow the volume of technologists in Swindon and Wiltshire to support business growth.” said Tomas Foreman Lead Marketing Planning Manager at Nationwide Building Society (TechSwindon partner) and chairperson of the SOTS steering group.

Ben from TechSPARK added “TechSwindon’s mission is to strengthen the growing tech ecosystem, shine a light on the opportunities the region presents to tech-focused companies and promote Swindon as a place for innovation with a highly skilled workforce. As well as attracting top talent to Swindon, we will work to support the existing workforce and companies, which are pivotal to that growth”.

“The campaign will culminate in a tech summit in 2020. Delegates will experience Swindon’s tech scene, including emerging platforms and technologies, which are impacting on real-world problems, with a host of global speakers.”

Tomas concluded, “The goal of TechSwindon is to engage with our fast growing tech community and showcase their talent to demonstrate that Swindon is an exceptional tech destination with an extremely exciting future.”