Swindon's booming when it comes to housing

Swindon has the second highest growth rate in the UK for housing according to the 2019 Centre for Cities report published recently. Business network ‘Switch on to Swindon’ has welcomed the findings of the report.

It shows that between 2016 and 2017, the town saw the second highest increase in housing stock, which at 1.8 per cent is only behind Cambridge in terms of growth.  

Property guru Richard James, knows why Swindon is top of the league when it comes to housing.

“It’s really simple. Housing, like any market, is based on supply and demand and without question Swindon is increasingly recognised as a growing town with a big future.”

“The major house builders continue to invest here because they’re aware of the demand generated from people looking to move here from all over the UK. In particular we’re seeing people from the towns and cities further west and east along the M4 discovering the benefits of living here.”

Richard James has operated his business from the town for more than 25 years. Handling in excess of 3000 properties per year, he is perfectly placed to see how the town’s population is evolving. Richard James operate a network of offices employing around 100 local people, a number of his new recruits have themselves moved from some of the towns and cities further east along the M4 attracted by the quality of life and good value housing.

“We all know Swindon had a perception problem, It’s been one of those towns that’s been an easy target for as long as I can remember. But the reality is very different now. For people in the know, investors, and all the businesses relocating here it’s certainly no joke and much more of a smart choice nowadays”

“There will always be people that knock the town, the reality is the town has moved on considerably. Thousands more homes are being built here and growth looks set to continue.  

“Honda leaving is obviously a disappointment however there are plenty of other businesses pulling in people from all over the country, especially in the digital, tech and financial services sectors.”

“Affordability is a key driver as well and we’re an aspirational choice for people looking for bigger family homes, more disposable income and a better quality of life. A lot of people tell us there is more opportunity here than where they currently live.”

Swindon continues its status as one of the UK’s ‘Fast Growth Cities’ of the UK alongside Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Norwich.

According to Richard James’ team there are four key reasons why people are attracted to Swindon:

  • A decent place to live, work, and bring up a family
  • Access to the M4
  • Improved train service to London
  • Being on the doorstep of the Cotswolds for London buyers

House prices can be as much as 30% less expensive than neighbouring Reading.

Richard said:  “It’s a gap that will inevitably close over time so we’re still seeing plenty of homebuyers and investors that recognise this gap will close.”

“Swindon’s got it going on at the moment. There are a lot more people wanting to move in than move out. Trust me, the new houses we’re building here – we’ve plenty of people to fill them.”

For more information about Switch On To Swindon visit  www.switchontoswindon.com

To see the Centre for Cities Report 2019 visit https://www.centreforcities.org/publication/cities-outlook-2019/