Swindon; Shaping your future.

Swindon – a town which consists of many schools and colleges like many others in the Southwest of England. However, there is another side to this terrific town which you may not know about; it holds several institutions bubbling with opportunities like no other.


Swindon’s Institute of Technology


Swindon’s Institute of Technology is a rarity. This college gives a more hands on approach to learning skills, drawing attention away from the theoretical aspects of subjects. With this style of learning, it is only 1 of12 in the country, making it a unique place to study.


The IoT specialises in a range of courses, including Engineering and Construction, Digital and Computer Science, Science and Media, Business Management. There is also an option to partake in new Flying Faculty courses, so take your pick and experience something suited to you.

With opportunities to gain skills required for a specific job, there is an opening to achieve an apprenticeship, degree or even a HND to take your knowledge further into the future.


The Institute of Technology is extremely fortunate with local partners including Nationwide Building Society and Oxford Brooked University, and these aren’t even all of them. Swindon can help to shape your success, with guidance from stakeholders with expertise some may say are the best in the industry. There is also the incredible potential of employment within these organisations - the stairway to success.


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University Technical College (UTC Swindon)


Another admirable attribute to Swindon is the University Technical College, specialising in Engineering or Digital Technology. This college gives those partaking in GCSE’s or A Levels the support they need, whilst advocating the next generation of Engineers and Digital Technicians.

This college focuses on the next steps for those attending, with your interests best at heart. Be reassured with guidance when deciding what path is for you, whether that is employment or higher education, UTC can be the guiding light!


Diversity is a key factor for this Swindon college, with focus on STEM and the learning philosophy, their three key parts include Brain, Emotion and Motivation.


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Oxford Brookes University


With a location now in West Swindon, this campus is home to arrange of brand-new facilities, aimed to enhance student learning. This action-packed University consists of clinical skills labs, a subject library, and simulation equipment for a range of courses and more to come. Sounds very Back to the Futuresque!


Collaborate working space, social areas and a catering outlet separates Oxford Brookes’ Swindon Campus from most Universities, with the aim to create an efficient environment for those who attend.


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Royal Agricultural University Swindon (RAU)


This unique university turned its focus to understanding the management of the Historic Environment, expanding by exploring a fresh new chapter. This focus had emphasis on sustainable landscapes, towns and cities and businesses, which linked to well-known programmes.


Their Masters programme took place in a purpose converted workshop in the railway heritage quarter of Swindon, making it pretty unique. This £1.35minvestment provides modern facilities in an innovative learning space, encouraging collaboration and a significant choice of studies, so be sure to find what you are after.


And the best part of it all? The location! Some of the learning resources nearby include: Historic England, English Heritage, the National Monuments Archive, the National Trust and Steam – the museum of the Great Western Railway. Best believe these are all within a five-minute walk from the RAU Swindon site.


Swindon is home to multi-national businesses such as Intel already and is quickly developing a hub for businesses at the forefront of the UK. Swindon is swiftly opening opportunities for those in its town and it doesn’t stop there. With incredibly vast transport links to the M4, other cities nearby are more likely to choose Swindon due to the proximity to places such as Bath, Bristol, and London.