Swindon- best for business

Swindon is not currently considered an ‘obvious’ choice for a business move, but it could arguably be considered a ‘secret gem’ in the world of work.

With support for businesses easily accessible from Swindon Council and Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, businesses within the region immediately gain access to incredible growth opportunities and resources.

Create Studios, for example: The business is increasing employment opportunities whilst powering the progression of the creative industry in the centre of Swindon. Not only has Create Studios taken advantage of the Swindon’s local government funding, but they have chosen to use this fund to develop and refurbish an indispensable part of Swindon: the historic Carriage Works.

Conveniently located along the M4 corridor, Swindon offers accessible routes and links to London, Reading, Bristol, and Cardiff, allowing for efficient workplace journeys and meetings to take place.

Swindon’s support for both work and otherwise generates employment, promotes reinvestment back into the region, and ultimately strengthens the connection between businesses.

Proof of this is evident in the bases that top multi-national businesses such as Nationwide, Mini, and Intel have created in the Swindon area.

Swindon offers business sectors such as tech, automotive, and the creative industry and more an environment to be nurtured in, thanks to the support of local government, as well as local businesses.